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Omelette roll .jpg

Omellete Roll & Hollandaise Chive Sauce

Omelette with stuffed veg, asparagus, hollandaise chive sauce, green salad

What makes a good breakfast? Is it the amount you eat? The flavor of the food? Or is it something much more complex, such as its nutritional benefits?

At Dr. Mood, we focus on providing breakfasts that bring out the nutritional benefit of the food and how it aids in the health and well-being of our customers.

Our breakfast menu focuses on providing delicious food that is nutritionally rich but not calorie dense.

Through this, our customers gain the benefit of a healthy breakfast but none of the negative effects associated with

calorie-dense sugary items that give a temporary feeling of fullness but can cause negative health effects in the future

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Indulging in a good meal is one of the best experiences that a person can; however, this can often come at the cost of one's health. Many of the most indulgent meals are full of butter, grease, salt, and a wide array of ingredients that may boost the flavor but are not good for the body. As a result of such meals, people may feel temporary satisfaction but feel guilty of the effects the meals may have on their health.

At Dr. Mood, we focus on the concept of guilt-free indulgence through a low-carb, high nutrition, yet good tasting approach. Each meal has been specially designed to provide the best flavors while ensuring that each bite boosts the health and provides the body with what it needs to thrive

Wild rice asian salad.jpg

Wild rice Asian-style Salad

Purple cabbage, iceberg, green beans, wild rice, Asian dressing


Our nutrition elixirs and drinks are made from 100 percent organic and naturally sourced products. Made through a process developed through extensive consultancy and evaluation in the U.S., each elixir and drink is specially formulated to provide a supplementary boost to the health and well-being of the drinker.

Ranging from ingredients such as natural powdered elderberries to fresh coconut water, each type of elixir focuses on a specific aspect of a person's health such as:

a.) Immune boosting

b.) Skincare

c.) Post-exercise recovery

d.) Heart health

Each formulation is unique based on what aspect of personal care our customers require.

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Delicious, and.....good for your health? Delicious drinks are normally full of sugars and artificial ingredients that make them tasty but bad in the long-term, especially for people who aim to live a healthy lifestyle. Made through extensive evaluation by nutritionists and cleanse specialists, our drinks are both delicious and good for your health.

Made with 100 percent organic and natural ingredients, drinks such as our ultimate hydration watermelon combine the deliciousness of watermelon with the health boosting properties of natural coconut water, rose, lime and mint.

Each drink is made fresh everyday with a sweetness that comes from natural sugars instead of highly processed ingredients.

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